Podcast Story - Terry Franke

I have to tell you I’m so excited and happy about this interview. We have a genuine celebrity with us – And he’s someone I’ve known for over 50 years. Of course, he’d never call himself a celebrity. He’s too humble for that. But he’s done so much and continues to do great things. His name is Terry Franke – or more formally, John T. Franke. Terry’s career is worth knowing. He’s been a partner in a very successful HR consulting firm, the Chairman of the Board of a prestigious Midwest Liberal Arts University and now is the Founder of a very exciting new consulting business.

At 70, Terry exudes energy and vitality from every pore of his body. You’ll hear it in his voice throughout our conversation. I can’t wait for you to hear it.

But first a little background. Terry and I were fraternity brothers at Lawrence University in Appleton Wisconsin in the 60s. We went our separate ways after college and he joined Hewitt Associates. Terry and I reconnected nearly 20 years after college when I joined Hewitt in 1985.

Terry transitioned from Hewitt after it merged with Aon – the mammoth Chicago-based Insurance and world-wide consulting firm. After 29 years with Hewitt, Terry left. He chose to tell the story of his transition from Hewitt. And here it is.