Podcast Story - Kathy Olson

Welcome to Intro-The-Unknown. We are the podcast that deals with significant life transitions. I’m Mike Lee.
I am so pleased to introduce Kathy Olson from Windham, New Hampshire. Kathy is a spiritual woman who lost her loving husband Ken after an 8 ½ month battle with brain cancer. While devastating in the aggregate, Kathy has been able to withstand the winds of change through meditation, friends, family and a wonderful legacy provided by her husband before he passed. 
For 40 years, Kathy Olson was happily married to Airline Pilot Ken Olson. His healthy approach to mind and spirit made family life a pleasure. Then, suddenly without warning, things changed.
You’ll hear all about it as you listen to her story, recorded on location in Anna Maria Island, off the Gulf coast of Florida in February, 2016.

This heartfelt, meaningful, sharing is from a woman who lost her best friend, companion and lover. Her hopeful optimism coupled with support from family and good friends resulted in a calm, contemplative passage through grief into the new light of morning. Thank you Kathy for sharing your transition story. It meant a lot to me and hopefully to you.

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I leave you with this thought: 
“A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn” Hellen Keller