Podcast Story - Al Heigert, Family Therapist

Therapy is a difficult process both from the patient’s point of view and the therapist. For over 30 years, family therapist, Al Heigert, has helped hundreds of people - young and old - who are struggling through life’s transitions from grief through despair to acceptance. In this conversation, Al speaks about how he listens and guides people through the challenges of family relationships and career change, ending with his own personal transition and expectations for retirement.
Al and I have known each other more than 30 years – first in a men’s group that has met regularly for over 20 years and then as a friend and colleague helping each other through parallel tracks of family and career. It is my pleasure to introduce Al Heigert, therapist, father, friend and colleague. I think you’ll find his wisdom and calm demeanor refreshing and helpful as you wander through the exigencies of your own transition.

Listening to Al Heigert, one learns the value and benefits of talk therapy to get you through the tough moments of life’s significant transitions. There’s gold at the end of the rainbow as he describes the pleasure he gets from helping people do the work they need to do for themselves. Therapy is one way to help yourself through transition. There are others you’ll discover by listening to all the podcasts at Into-The-Unknown.net.

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Here’s one more thought before you listen to the conversation: 
“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore” William Faulkner, writer.