Podcast Story - Jim Jaffe

Today I am very pleased to introduce Jim Jaffe, former CEO and international business consultant who at 81 is still focused on opportunities for personal growth in businesses around the world. Unlike some of the other podcasts, Jim has had so many transitions, he couldn’t identify just one that stood out. Instead he chose to share his career history that included stints in The Ukraine, Croatia, The Philippines, Vietnam as well as Philadelphia and New England. In so doing, he revealed his own learnings over the course of over 60 years in business. His techniques for overcoming fears, chaos and indecision to arrive at a satisfying and purposeful awareness of what is important in his life are unique. His optimism and confidence is inspiring. He literally embodies the concept that “life is transition”.

I have known Jim for over 40 years as a colleague and mentor. His wisdom and encouragement is comforting and original. I know you’ll get a lot out of this conversation. Enjoy!