Podcast Story - Dr. John Lanning

Welcome to Into-The-Unknown, the podcast that deals with significant life transitions. And I’m Mike Lee

Today, we’re talking with Dr. John Lanning who has chosen Anna Maria Island, Florida for his retirement home after 65 years of medical practice – 25 years in solo practice, 10 years in Iowa, 15 years in Colorado and 15 years in local tenants including emergency room, walk-in clinics, Indian reservations, maximum security prisons, cruise ships and diverse medical care clinics.

At the end of his medical career, Dr. Lanning experienced an extremely difficult situation involving the clinic where he practiced that made him a scapegoat for illegal pain management practices. His story takes a while to unfold but if you can stay with it, you’ll hear how a conscientious, knowledgeable and caring doctor can be unalterably affected by unscrupulous regulators. His transition is one of calm, deliberate reality coupled with a life-long commitment to fun. This is a very interesting story.

Dr. John Lanning became a close friend of mine when I vacationed in Anna Maria Island, Florida. You’d never know what angst he endured living through this rough patch. But he has come through it unscathed and optimistic that from today forward, his life will continue with fun being the center-piece of his existence. There are other transition stories equally compelling at Into-The-Unknown.net. If you have an interesting transition story and you’d like to share it with our audience, please let us know by getting in touch at our web site, Into-The-Unknown.net. We look forward to hearing from you!

I leave you with this thought: "Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first". Frederick Wilcox