Doreen Cooke - Resilient, Forthright and Strong

Doreen Cooke – Resilient, Forthright and Strong after Losing Her Spouse

I’m  so pleased to introduce you to Doreen Cooke from Montreal Canada. She spends time during the winter on Anna Maria Island on the Gulf coast of Florida near Sarasota.

I caught up with Doreen in February, 2016, as we both enjoy a mediation group there during the winter months. Doreen is a forthright woman who was married 38 years to Ron – her quadriplegic husband who recently passed away. She shared the intimacies of her husband’s death and then her experience of heartache, sadness and her relative new-found freedom. Her close family, strength of character and organic trust in nature have given her a new outlook and reason to live. She shares the deepest of feelings openly in the hopes that someone else who is grieving might gain some insight and relief. We share this “Into-the-Unknown” podcast with humility and grace. It is very moving.

Darlene Cooke’s story is typical of the life transitions you will hear if you listen to all of the Into-The-Unknown podcasts. We encourage your feedback. We’re always looking for significant life transition stories to share with our podcast audience. Let us know yours by going to our web site – – and get in touch with us.

I leave you today with this thought from Eckhart Tolle – “Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” Eckhart Tolle