Spring is Busting Out All Over

From Portland, Tillamook, Cannon Beach, Lincoln City, Astoria and Bay City in Oregon, to Beacon Rock, Olympia, Seattle and Bellingham, Washington, plus Vancouver, British Columbia -- all around me is splendiferous, pulchritudinous, exceptionally colorful and gorgeous flower growth – the pent-up life force that emerges in spring. I am impressed with the flower exhibits at the Japanese Garden and the Pittock House at the top of the hill inside Washington Park in Portland. Cannon Beach – on the coast of Oregon - was full of people visiting the Spring Art Fair (no images because we honor the work of artists). Bay City and Astoria also on the coast of Oregon and Beacon Rock along the Columbia River in the state of Washington are all full of spring while Seattle, Bellingham and Vancouver were equally beautiful.

All the flowers are saying – look at me. I’ve been cooped up inside this flower bud for six months waiting for the sunshine and temperature to get above freezing. It finally came and I’m so happy.

Pittock Mansion 2.jpg
Japanese Garden Spring 1.jpg

Sunsets in spring are glorious too, especially when the harbor is in front of you.

Astoria Sunset.jpg

Beacon Rock along the Columbia River reminds us of the glory of Lewis & Clark as they approached the coastline of their new frontier.

Columbia River Viewpoint.jpg

So, what is it about spring that is so exceptional? It’s the first hint of summer – the earth is beginning to warm after a long winter in solitude. The burst of color is an immense contrast to the bleak gray of winter’s cold. It attracts our attention along with the birds and bees. The bursting of color is the sweetness of life calling out renewed.

Such is the way with transitional new beginnings. We feel renewed with energy – a vitality we haven’t felt for a while – as we emerge from our dormant chrysalis. Spring brings out the beauty within and lets it shine for all to see. Yea spring!