For years, I've wondered what is beyond the present. What does the future hold? Will I stay healthy and strong? Can I continue my interests in Farmers' Markets, Biking and People? So, today I embark on a new adventure - one that challenges my writing, photographic and pod-casting skills. I plan to post periodic stories about the things I find interesting, fun and worthy of awe. Mostly they will involve people since I am fascinated by them and always try to understand how they make decisions and how those decisions affect their lives -- Into The Unknown. 

As my travels bring me to places, I will search and find subjects for this blog. Initially I plan to write about biking, Farmers' Markets and Auto-Biographies. The later needs some explanation. Auto-Biographies are stories about people I meet on the road. They will be accompanied with photos and the location information and may also include a podcast interview.

This blog is my own "Into-The-Unknown" since the future is uncertain and depends on my continuing curiosity and interest in sharing. Stay tuned. And let me know when you have a thought about something you read here. 

Mike. 847 721-3759