There is a time for departure, even when there’s no certain place to go. Tennessee Williams

Into The Unknown


You’re at a crossroad - a decision point. Which way do you go? If you take one path, you will be forging a new direction that is unknown and scary. If you choose the other path, you may continue to be miserable. Into the Unknown is the experience of getting beyond the crossroad and into transition.

All transitions have three elements: An ending, a "neutral zone" and a new beginning. (Bill Bridges, Making Sense of Life's Transitions). And a transition is different from change. Change is situational. Transition is psychological. In order get through a transition, it is first necessary to give something up. That is not required with a situational change. But it is required in order to strike out on a new path. While you are in the neutral zone you are in transition.

We all experience transitions and we have different ways to get through them. That is the essence of this web site - the podcasts that you can listen to and the blog posts you can read. In the podcasts, you will not only hear how individuals experience transition but what lead up to the crossroads and how they feel after the new beginning. Additionally, you can listen to a variety of helpers: mental health practitioners, mentors, social workers, close relationships and good friends - who guide people through transition. In the blog posts, you'll read my take on the people I meet and the transitions they experience. The mix of voices offer guidance, support and suggestions to those in need.  

What transitions are we talking about?

Perhaps you have recently retired and are going through the experience of giving up your everyday working life and learning how to cope with time on your hands. Maybe you are recently divorced and learning again what it means to be single and alone. Did you recently decide your career wasn't working for you any more and that it was time for a new one? Did you lose some weight and become more healthy and aware of new foods and an exercise regimen? In all these cases, you are in transition.

We’re always looking for individuals who have a story to tell. If you’d be interested in talking with us, give us your contact information and we will get in touch. Our conversations are open-ended and conducted on-line at your convenience. You never know – your story could be the one that touches someone and helps them make it through. Listen first and then please get in touch with us.



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